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The Year That Never Was

Posted on 2008.01.21 at 18:12
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Title: The Year That Never Was
Pairing: Slight Jack/Ianto
Rating/Warning: Rated R for mentions of torture and rape
Summary: What happened to Jack during the year that never was and the reason he left the Doctor during the day and yet met up with the team during the evening.
Author's Notes: I know it's been bugging a lot of people, so here's my reasoning. Hope you like! ^.^

All that mattered to Jack was the small body of Ianto Jones, so fragile, lying on the floor.Collapse )

Past, Present Or Future? (Part one)

Posted on 2007.05.23 at 16:50
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I have a new fic for y'all. Will be posting new parts whenever I can!!

Title:Past, Present Or Future? (Spoliers Up To: Combat)
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating/Warning: Rated PG for now. R in later chapters for mentions of abuse, rape and self harm.
Summary: Ianto wants to be with Jack. But how they can think about a future together when Jack won't let go of his past?
Author's Notes: I hope no one takes offence at this fic (I shouldn't have thought you will, but just in case). It does have mentions of abuse and rape (neither of which I myself have experienced) and self harm (which I have experience). If anyone thinks that character reactions are off/out of character, please let me know!

Part OneCollapse )


Posted on 2007.05.17 at 17:03
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THEY POST PONED DOCTOR WHO BECAUSE OF THE FRIGGING EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!!!!! What is the world coming to? It didn't even start until eight! Why couldn't they put it on BBC 2???

Anyway, rant over, we're up to episode 7 already! I can't believe it! Doesn't time go quick when you're having fun?? (Or snarling at Martha Jones... grrrr) I want Jack back on our screens!!! It'll be better once he's in it and gotton rid of his immortality.

I can't wait for series two of Torchwood as well. More Jack/Iantoness!!! *Squee* When Ianto fogives him for disappearing of course.

*bounce* I'm really twitchy and hyper and I don't know why. I suppose it could be withdrawl symptoms. That and my bestest friend won't come online!!! GAAHHHH!!! Sorry, I've just clogged up a bunch of friend pages with nonsense now. :P Ah well...

*Is Hyper*

Posted on 2007.04.24 at 21:08
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Ok, ok, ok, I'm a little bit hyper tonight and had to post this now.

What do call a daredevil alien?

AnswerCollapse )

Doctor Who Different Endings

Posted on 2007.04.13 at 20:18
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I've been thinking, whilst watching the new series of the Whoness (and I swear if it's delayed for a week because of the football someone is gonna die.) and I was thinking. How different would each adventure be if Rose was with the Doc and not Martha?

For starters the Doc would act a lot differently, not being heartbroken an' all. In episode one for exapmle one thing that most definatly would've happened would be that the Doctor didn't *need* to kiss Rose for the Judoon to find alien traces on her (having been covered with void stuff) so when the Doctor *does* kiss her, he would be able to lightly drop into conversation that it wasn't necessary afterwards, thus strengthening their relationship. *squee*

There would've been a lot more playful banter when the Doctor realised that the hospital had a shop. :D The only down side to this episode is that I don't think Rose knows how to perform CPR. This would've proved problematic when the Doctor appeared to be unconcious (not dead otherwise he would've regenerated!).

As for episode two. Well, where do I start? Somehow I can see Rose being a BIG TIME Harry Potter fan and loving the fact that they get to share a bed. The whole 'Shakespeare-is-gay' thing would've resulted in banter about 'dances' and mentions of Jack again. :D The Time War would've been used against the Doctor instead of Rose by the Witches giving possible chances to explain a little more about what happened. The Doctor would've been given reason to seranade Rose with a sonnet and he would also have handed 'A Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet' to Shakespeare.

All in all, I can see those episodes working good with Rose still in tow. It's just a shame that Billie and Russel decided otherwise. Though the BBC did say that both David *AND* Billie were back for series three, so I am a little miffed they lied to us.

Anyways, that's enough random musings for now.

Random musings and another fic.

Posted on 2007.03.31 at 20:30
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The Doctor is back! Bring on series three of Doctor Who. New monsters, new villians, new companions and... old companions too. Jack returns in the new series for three episodes and I can't wait! I want to see some friction between him and the Doc, I want the Doctor to explain exactly what happened to Rose and then I want Jack to not be immortal anymore cause then he can live happily with Ianto. :D But we all know Russel T. Davies isn't that kind don't we? Damn him! So I have another fic for you to keep you going until Torchwood starts back (Jan 2008!!! OMG!!! How does RTD expect us to survive??) I'm also very happy because we're having a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory reunion night. :D Happy happy happy little bunny!!!

Title: Brewed Love
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 15 (cause I'm no good with ratings)
Spoilers: For the whole series, especially End Of Days.
Summery: Ianto lets Jack know he's there for him in the one way he knows best.

Brewed LoveCollapse )

Clicky Ficcy!

Posted on 2007.03.06 at 10:16
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Here for you, is one of my Jack/Ianto fics. Because I know everyone loves them really. :D

Title: Late Nights
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: 15 (cause I'm no good with ratings)
Spoilers: For Countrycide mostly
Summery: After the events at the Brecon Beacons, Jack decides Ianto could use a little therapy to help heal the phsyical and mental scars.

Follow Those Beautiful Welsh VowlsCollapse )

I hate goodbye's...

Posted on 2007.01.30 at 10:09
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In case you can't tell I'm currently in a pit of gloom. The play I've been working on (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory) has finished it's run and though it sounds silly I really miss all the people I worked with. I spent the entire after party in tears (alright, I know it's hormones) and it hurt everytime I had to say goodbye. It's times like this I really hate RTD for torturing the poor characters of the Doctor and Ianto. Both found out their loved one loved them back only to have them cruelly taken from them.

Then to make things even worse I got home to find that one of my best boy mates hates me and has decided that he no longer wishes to be my friend. (It's a long complicated story and basically he thinks he's some sort of rebound crush). So I've not only had to say goodbye to all my friends, I've even lost one completly.

I don't know how long it's going to take me to work myself out of this misery, but it wil.l probably be a long time. My only comfort is my friend Tangerine (we had this weird fruit gang thing going on backstage at Charlie) and the thought that maybe someday, I can see all the actors I worked with again.

So, until then, I shall try and make it up with my friend (though I'll have to get him to talk to me first) and I shall keep my mind firmly fixed on the thought that Jack and Ianto will one day be together. Even if RTD drags it out.

Jack And Ianto Love Opinions.

Posted on 2007.01.10 at 15:34
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Poll #904116 Janto

Are Jack And Ianto Meant To Be?

Yes, when the time is right.
Maybe, it depends on RTD.
Not really.
No. Never. There's nothing between them.

Jack And Ianto Musings, Fics and Misc

Posted on 2007.01.10 at 15:24
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Well as you can probably guess Jack and Ianto (both Torchwood characters for those of you who don't know) are my favourite pairing of all time. Ever. So I'm likely to ramble a lot about them. And post fics, and other things. So I'd advise all the other fangirls and fanboys who love this pairing to come here when Russel T. Davies is being totally mean and not giving us enough lovey doveyness. lol. :D Enjoy.

I'd also recommend visiting Jacks Coffee Boy for interesting RPG's. Me and RavenSkyCostello are so mad that they will probably be very AU and random. lol.

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